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About us


The Bulgarian Wine Academy /BWA/ is an educational institution in the field of wine, wine culture and education. Founded in 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria by a group of wine professionals who have devoted most of their careers in wine to share knowledge and experience by organizing wine events and training courses, and establish lasting business relationships with key stakeholders from the wine and the entertainment industry, hotels and restaurants.


BWA aims to promote responsible and moderate consumption of wine and wine culture among the general public.

Our credo of wine is that it is civilization instrument and cultural heritage.

The level of wine culture and education of a nation directly affects the quality of wine produced and consumed, and therefore our courses are intended for:
- All intelligent and educated people who are tempted by wine and wish to expand their horizons;
- Owners of restaurants and hotels that want to train their staff for more professional attitude to wine,
- Wine merchants, who want to sell more successfully;
- Wine connoisseurs who strive for good wine, good food and healthy lifestyles;

Wine courses, seminars and events

BWA will organize wine courses and conduct seminars and sommelier sessions, which intend to invite local and international wine experts.

BWA will work in partnership with legitimate international certification bodies that offer basic, intermediate and advanced courses, wine education and diplomas.

Exchange programs for students and professionals

BWA will offer educational training and evaluation of students facilitating their career as hotel and restaurant managers and as managers in the catering and entertaining business.

BWA will facilitate information exchanges between universities and institutes in the country and abroad associated with wine, viticulture, wine production, wine marketing and etc.

BWA aims to organize the exchange of students, trainees and teachers from different wine schools worldwide.
BWA will mediate hotels and restaurants interested in contacting students completing their training in the Academy or other specialized wine institutes.

Investments and Consulting

BWA will facilitate development and work towards attracting investments in Bulgarian wine by providing appropriate services and technical assistance to interested parties.

BWA would encourage and support investment in fine wines as alternative investment portfolio and would provide consultancy in this direction for the tourist industry, importers, distributors and private clients.


BWA will organize monthly events, courses and wine tastings, which promote knowledge and wine culture and moderate wine consumption.

BWA will organize corporate events for companies, clubs and private individuals.


BWA intends to organize wine tours in major wine producing regions in Bulgaria and abroad.

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