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Corporate events



Corporate Events


BWA organizes corporate wine events for companies, clubs and private individuals.You can be our guests at our venue or invite us to your chosen location.
You determine the time of the event - 1 hour, 1 day, 1 weekend or longer period. We can work with both groups of several people and large groups, but according to our experience, the recommended format is maximum 20 people for a wine course and up to 50 people for official wine dinner.

You could offer your employees, colleagues and partners an interesting and relaxing experience, from which all will leave in good mood, learning something useful and valuable. Wine brings people together and you will be surprised how easily they get to communicate and cooperate with each other in the process of our wine tasting interactive games.

We offer events where you can learn more about the basics wine and food matching. But also we can arrange for you, depending on your wishes and budgets, official tasting evenings with selected examples of the world best wines.

Our team of wine experts at the Bulgarian Wine Academy is available to carry in a relaxed, non-intimidating atmosphere an event on any wine topic of interest. Moreover, each event is so structured to allow everyone to learn and ask all kind of questions on the topic. An interactive wine tasting or just a wine lecture – it’s your choice.


With wines from all price levels, we tailor your event to your budget. As a guideline, our prices start from 60 BGN per person for groups of 20 + for about 2 hours.We can also organize for you tasting of some of the world best wines at spectacular venues with the appropriate multiple gourmet courses .Just call or E-Mail us and we will begin to prepare the perfect wine event according to your requirements for venue, budget and objectives.

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